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Pigment: The Next Generation Planning Platform

Pigment is the ideal tool for innovative FP&A teams to future-proof the modeling of their business with an eye to providing the ultimate business end-user experience.

The Aegis Perspective on Pigment

  • Powerful, multidimensional modeling for integrated planning across the enterprise
  • Easy to use, intuitive next-gen UI for administrators and end users
  • In-memory calculation engine with integration to Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel
  • Industry-leading native integration capabilities
  • Continuous rollout of new features
  • Quick time-to-value
  • Most well-capitalized company in the "EPM 3.0" landscape
  • Strong base of industry-leading clients

Integrated Business Planning Platform

Pigment Dash4

Real-time Modeling

Pigment brings all your data together, unlocking effortless real-time modeling and better strategic thinking.
Pigment workforce planning

Everyone Plans!

Streamline your sales and workforce plans, adjust them in real time, and align your teams in a single platform.
Pigment Executive Dashboard2

Lead with Data

Easily compare actuals, budgets and forecasts to track key metrics and see the impact of your decisions in real-time.

The Modern CFO: Navigating Uncertainty

Navigating the constant challenges of the new normal requires more than just overcoming uncertainty. Business planning technology can help you build resilience and thrive in a fast-paced world. Learn how successful CFOs have overcome challenges, adapted to rapid changes, and seized opportunities amidst uncertainty.

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Modern CFO Pigment whitepaper

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