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Expert Guidance for Corporate Finance Teams

Aegis Advise is your trusted ally in Enterprise Performance Management

Your Partner for FP&A Success

At Aegis Advise, we specialize in delivering comprehensive budgeting, planning, and reporting software services that streamline and automate FP&A processes to achieve optimal results. Our team of seasoned consultants and practitioners brings over 25 years of corporate planning and reporting experience, with more than 250 corporate performance management (CPM) deployments and optimizations for industry-leading clients.

With our expertise in assessments, implementations, optimizations, and ongoing support, we empower businesses to make informed decisions, drive growth, and maximize financial performance. Experience the Aegis Advantage by contacting us today to discuss your budgeting and planning software needs and discover how we can help your organization thrive.

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The starting point for success


We're all about finance transformation. Our expertise lies in dissecting and evaluating current processes, models, reports, core system data, and integrations. We take a comprehensive approach, mapping out the current state of workflows and dataflows, as well as envisioning the optimized future state. From there, we compile a prioritized list of solution and integration requirements to guide your team.

Our ultimate goal is to equip you with actionable information that streamlines the decision-making process for selecting a CPM (Corporate Performance Management) solution. With our extensive knowledge of the CPM marketplace, we curate a concise selection of solutions that align with your organization's specific needs. If desired, we go the extra mile by providing assistance with vendor engagement, facilitating demos, aiding in system selection, and even negotiating contracts.

The way FP&A should be...


With the Aegis team of skilled consultants by your side, we provide guidance and hands-on support throughout the entire implementation process. Our aim is to achieve smooth integration and maximize the efficiency of the customized CPM software, catering to your specific requirements.

Our comprehensive approach takes into account various factors such as your company culture, data sources, reporting/dashboard needs, and stakeholder expectations. This ensures a successful implementation that aligns with your overall goals.

Why are we so confident in achieving positive outcomes for clients? We employ a time-tested methodology that has resulted in more than 250 successful implementations.

Optimize service

Even tech needs a tune up...


At Aegis Advise, we understand that budgeting and planning processes for organizations are dynamic and evolve over time. Our experts collaborate closely with your team to identify areas of improvement within your software, integrations, and workflows.

Through streamlining and automating processes, enhancing data accuracy, and boosting overall efficiency, we assist you in unlocking enhanced value and attaining superior financial outcomes.

Your long-term partner for FP&A success


Aegis Advise is your long-term partner for FP&A success. Our commitment extends beyond assessment, implementations and optimizations.

Our flexible support engagements guarantee that your team remains at the forefront of performance and reaps the complete benefits of your CPM system. Whether you wish to deploy a new feature, brainstorm a workflow improvement, train new users, or update a model, we will always have your back!


Unwavering Commitment to Clients

Customer Quotes

Q4 Inc.

"Dallas and the team at Aegis Advise are financial modeling and corporate performance management (CPM) system experts. I highly recommend leveraging the experience of Aegis when implementing new financial performance management software -- they are true partners in ensuring the ongoing success of your software investment."

MRI Real Estate Software

"MRI Software has had the privilege of working with Dallas and his team for several years now and the support has been nothing short of exceptional! The team not only fundamentally understands critical concepts in corporate financial planning but is able to connect those concepts to drive optimization and efficiency around reporting and analysis by leveraging the full financial tech stack in the most efficient fashion." 

Frequently Asked Questions

Aegis Advise team members have performed more than 250 implementations of CPM software throughout their careers.

Certainly! At Aegis Advise, our top priority is serving our clients' needs. We offer comprehensive support in licensing and pricing negotiations to ensure our clients receive the most favorable terms. With our extensive experience collaborating with numerous CPM software vendors, we excel at securing advantageous agreements on behalf of our clients.

Integrations are critically important while all too often a footnote in the evaluation and selection process.  The ability to extract, transform and load data from source systems like ERP, CRM and others should be high on the list of requirements.  Not only that, CPM systems have varying ability to automate the integration capability.  

The primary reasons CPM system implementations fail are as follows:

  • Inadequate definition of goals and objectives for the new system
  • "Going it alone" on the implementation and not having an experienced partner guide the project
  • Lack of focus by the implementation team
  • Etc. 

These terms can be used more or less interchangeably.  Years ago, the category was simply known as Budgeting and Planning Software.  As the category became more mature and differentiated, the term "Corporate Performance Management" software became more popular.  More recently, the term "Enterprise Performance Management" software is in vogue, particularly among software vendors who are targeting the larger enterprise market.  

Yes, we are happy to provide reference clients at the appropriate time in the engagement cycle.  We are fortunate to receive a number of referrals from existing clients, which is a testament to the value we deliver.

While we work with companies across a broad range of industries, many of our clients come from very competitive markets such as software (SaaS), life sciences and manufacturing.

The decision of whom to select for your implementation rests entirely in your hands. While we are confident that our capabilities will inspire your trust throughout the assessment process, it remains your prerogative to choose a system and determine an implementation partner, or not. There might be instances where we suggest a solution provider who is not affiliated with us. In such cases, we may refer you to a reputable implementation consultancy.

To determine whether we can onboard new clients for support services, a consultation is necessary. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for CPM systems to be improperly implemented. As a standard practice, we recommend conducting an assessment to evaluate whether optimization measures or, in certain instances, a re-implementation is necessary. If we provide these services, we are fully committed to backing our work with ongoing support.

Certainly! We are more than happy to offer demonstrations of our partner solutions. To ensure that the demo is tailored to your specific requirements, we kindly ask for an initial complimentary consultation. During this consultation, we will actively listen to your challenges and objectives, enabling us to customize the demo to address your distinct pain points and goals.

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