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Vena Solutions: Empowering Planners with Excel and Workflow Automation

Keep your planning "UI-unbound" with the complete planning platform for Microsoft 365.

The Aegis Perspective on Vena Solutions

  • The flexibility of Excel with the scalability of an enterprise cloud architecture
  • Powerful workflow engine provides real-time visibility into your processes
  • Templates flex and scale across row-level datasets (i.e. headcount roster, vendor-level detail)
  • Quick learning curve for new users, supported by Excel formula logic
  • Rapid implementations supported by Aegis modeling templates
  • Deep native integration to Microsoft Excel
  • Extensible across the finance organization with close management and reconciliations that go beyond FP&A

Excel's Flexibility with Cloud Scalability & Automation

Subscription Revenue Input Template.Summary

Excel-based Interface

Vena builds off of Excel for ease of use without the silos of spreadsheets.  

Powerful Workflow Engine

Streamline and automate processes using Vena's workflow engine.
Corporate Dashboard

Reports & Dashboards

Visually compare key metrics and results across scenarios with deep integration to Microsoft Excel and PowerBI.

5 Steps to Better, Modern Budgeting

The demands placed on CFOs and finance departments are growing constantly. From reducing costs to driving growth, being able to meet these demands is a make-or-break factor for financial success, and a career-deciding one for CFOs. Better, smarter budgeting enables both.

Learn how to budget better by reading the whitepaper.

5 Steps to Better Budgeting image

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