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September 20 2023

Pigment: Unparalleled Extensibility for Integrated Business Planning

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Organizations require powerful tools that not only streamline their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) processes but also offer the flexibility to adapt to diverse operational needs. One such tool that stands out from a crowded CPM landscape is Pigment. Beyond its core capabilities in structured FP&A, Pigment boasts unparalleled solution extensibility, enabling businesses to expand its usage across various domains, including sales performance management and operational planning. In this post, Dallas Moody, founder of Aegis Advise, explores how Pigment's unique extensibility sets it apart in the market and revolutionizes integrated business planning.

Unlocking Solution Extensibility

Pigment goes beyond traditional modeling platforms by providing users with a flexible workspace to extend its functionality throughout their organization. Unlike rigid financial planning solutions, Pigment liberates businesses from being confined to pre-defined structures. With Pigment, you have the freedom to tailor the tool to your specific needs, empowering you to mold it according to your unique business requirements.

Seamless Integration of Sales Performance Management

A remarkable aspect of Pigment's extensibility is its capability for sales performance management. Within the tool, you can effortlessly track and analyze sales metrics, identify performance gaps, and develop strategies to enhance your sales force's effectiveness. By consolidating FP&A and sales performance management under one platform, Pigment provides a holistic approach to business planning, fostering collaboration and synergy across departments.

Empowering Sales and Operational Planning

Pigment's extensibility reaches beyond sales performance management to encompass sales and operational planning as well. Traditionally, organizations have faced challenges aligning these areas due to differing dimensionality and requirements. However, with Pigment, you can break free from these constraints. The tool allows you to customize planning processes for sales and operations independently, enabling you to adapt to the specific needs of each domain without sacrificing integration or data consistency.

Freedom from Legacy CPM Constraints

One of the key differentiators of Pigment in the CPM market is its liberation from legacy solution limitations. Often, organizations find themselves shackled by their existing finance solutions, with little room for customization or innovation. Pigment eliminates these limitations, empowering you to plan according to your preferred methods and processes. By untethering yourself from the constraints of legacy systems, Pigment opens up a world of possibilities for integrated business planning.


From Aegis Advise’s perspective, Pigment stands as a game-changer in the realm of integrated business planning. Its solution extensibility goes beyond structured FP&A, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate sales performance management and sales and operational planning. By breaking free from the rigid structures of legacy systems, Pigment offers unparalleled flexibility and empowers organizations to plan and adapt according to their unique needs. Embrace Pigment and unlock the full potential of integrated business planning in your organization!